No doubt, massage help you relax, refresh you, or may relieve the ache in your back. But it is not the ‘only’ gain you could expect from therapeutic massage Bangor Maine, it has more benefits than probably you could ever realize. Generally, it is the mindset of the majority to relate the term ‘massage’ only with ‘relaxation of a body’ and never go beyond its other positive aspects.

After reading this, surely your thought about the concept of massage will change and you will book the session to gain its all additional health-related benefit which you were unfamiliar so far.

Below are four unknown benefits which influence you to book an appointment immediately:

  • Counteracts the effects of prolonged sitting postures

The root cause of body pain usually starts with wrong sitting postures because your most of the time spent sitting in the same position which encountered some degrees of neck and back pain. And it is expected. Long hours sitting in the same position can cause stopping of the back. Luckily, massage services Bangor counteracts the imbalance caused by sitting. The therapy specialist majorly targets to areas of muscles stretch that result from postural imbalances and relieve the ache.

  • Soothes anxiety and depression

The research found that around 92% of illness results from depression alone. To reduce its effect on overall health, a 60-minutes massage does a great job in order to make you feel good mentally and tension-free. Therapeutic massage can significantly reduce the level of depression by lower the body’s level of cortisol (a hormone that’s produced in response to depression) to 53 percent. By lowering the cortisol, you’re boosting your body potential to fight off anxiety and feeling of depression.

  • Reduce a headache and make you feel fresh

Automatically, if there is no stress or depression in your life you will gain better quality sleep. Regular massage session has been found trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel calm and decreases the frequency of severe headaches.

  • Eases muscles pain

If you are a fitness freak then for sure your body might ache, muscles are tight or swollen and you’re in desperate need of a release. By increasing circulation, improving joint movement and flexibility, massage ease down the chronic muscle pain. A session of massage after vigorous exercise unquestionably reduces the pain and help sore muscles recover faster.

These are some of the benefits which you would get beside a relaxation session. For better result, it seems convenient to head over to the professional massage therapist and book the combo of Bangor Maine skin care services along with therapy to avail the added benefits and get the best of relaxation experience. Wait, no more, go and book for an appointment!