Silky soft skin at the pubic region is heavenly. However, women who undergo the ritual of Brazilian wax or complete hair removal of pubic hair on a regular basis; pain and torture soon become a matter-of-fact.  Brazilian wax can be really painful and tormenting because of two reasons – one, this is an extra-sensitive area of the female body and second, it can get way too embarrassing to get down to your bare basics in front of a complete stranger every time – just one of the reasons that you should typically look for professional and credible beauty salon services for a session of Brazilian wax in Bangor Maine 

Brazilian wax in Bangor Maine

Facts that you didn’t know about bikini waxing in Bangor Maine:

  • Every single time it hurts and the pain is never really any less than the previous time. Actually, this is true for an eyebrow waxing in Bangor Maine because the second time onwards the hair is sparser than before. But not bikini waxing.
  • Take a mild painkiller at least half-an-hour before the appointment for Brazilian wax in Bangor Maine. It does ease off the pain to a great extent.
  • During your monthly menstrual cycle, the area gets way too sensitive than normal times. Hence, avoid the bikini wax at least a week before and after the Bikini waxing in Bangor Maine.
  • If the pubic hair is too long, cut the length a bit to make it easy not only for you; but for the parlor person too.
  • Drinking caffeine can make the skin at the region extra-sensitive. Hence, keep the coffee out before the appointment.
  • It can get itchy and prickly just after the session. Good if you avoid anything that is skin-tight, lacy and skinny. Instead wear loose clothes for sometime after a Brazilian wax in Bangor Maine.