The idea of almost getting naked in front of a stranger woman and then having to pay for tolerating insane pain- the process of bikini waxing can be a lot than this spread rumor. Going through the process of the best waxing near me is beyond all that what you have heard about it. Sure, there are plenty other options; the classic razor, hair removal cream, and the more permanent (and costly of course) laser hair removal treatment.

However, the semi-permanent option for most of the ladies is waxing and let’s faces it- with bikini or Brazilian wax Bangor Maine; you don’t have to worry about shaving for at least 8 weeks. If you’re a waxing virgin and have been thinking of giving Brazilian waxing a try, here’s what you can expect in your first waxing appointment.

  • Feel bit conscious, especially first few waxing sessions

Its obvious girls who are doing it for the first time may feel shy to show her hairy private parts to waxing Bangor Maine specialist.

  • Categories of bikini waxing depend on how much hair is removed

There are plenty of bikini wax styles and shapes, but the classic shape is a triangle. Your waxing attendee will ask you about your choice of waxing shape and style.

  • Waxing professionals will ask you to remove your clothes below the waist

It may sound more awkward, but honestly, the result you’ll get worth all your efforts.

It may feel weird and awkward too, but the outcome worth it. You will later experience a clean and smooth genital area. Of course a bit painful, but slowly you will get habitual of it. But yes, getting it done from an experienced hand never lets you feel the pain.